• Eat-Japan 2016

    HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016 will include the return of the beloved Sake Experience, as well as two Eat-Japan areas featuring a robust selection of Japanese food and drink.

  • Sushi Awards

    The prestigious Sushi Awards will once again feature top sushi chefs vying for the coveted “Sushi of the Year” title. It’ll be a feast for your eyes, stomach and soul!

  • Sake Cocktail Awards

    The chance to experience original sake cocktail creations made by top mixologists before your very eyes, followed by the chance to enjoy them. A toast to sake! Drink up!

  • Demonstrations

    The Eat-Japan areas at HYPER JAPAN will feature fascinating cooking and drinks demonstrations from experts in Japanese cuisine.

  • Gourmet Cuisine

    Discover a range of delectable Japanese food and drink, from ramen and sushi to traditional confections and candies.

 Sake Experience 2016 at the HYPER JAPAN Festival

Event News 2016

Sake Experience 2016 at the HYP…

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Always a favourite among visitors to Eat-Japan @ HYPER JAPAN, the sensational Sake Experience will return once again to celebrate... Read more

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