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Atsuko Ikeda

Atsuko Ikeda Atsuko shares her extensive knowledge of Japanese cooking through her London-based practical courses, which introduce family favourites and shojin ryori, Japan’s Buddhist vegan cuisine. Her informal classes highlight her passion for food, and learning feels more like a dinner party than a lesson. Through Atsuko’s down-to-earth and unpretentious approach you can experience the Japanese philosophy of elegance and simplicity in food. Find out more about Atsuko’s cooking classes here.

"Atsuko's cooking school is excellent, the class is small and hands on.  After 5 weeks you're ready to prepare your own Japanese banquet"- Richard, London.

In addition to her cooking class schedule, Atsuko regularly takes part in Japan-related events, such as the “Making Perfect O-Bento” workshop presented by JETRO at HYPER JAPAN 2010. Atsuko showed the HYPER JAPAN audience how to make O-bento, or Japanese-style lunch box dishes, as a healthy and tasty alternative to the home-made sarnies or shop-bought lunches. As examples, she demonstrated how to make Shira-ae, or Vegetables dressed in Tofu Dip, and Onigiri, or Seasoned Rice Balls.

Atsuko is currently offering classes at the Divertimenti Cooking School. Click here for further details and to make a booking.

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