Cooking Classes

Yuki’s Kitchen

Japanese Home Cooking Classes: Vegetarian/Fish and Seafood/Meat and Poultry

Workshops: Noodle/Tofu/Miso/Sushi/Sushi making for kids!

Other: Bento Class, Yuki’s special dumpling class

Popular bookings: Kid’s Birthday Sushi Making, Hen party, Gift Vouchers (Christmas/Wedding etc).

Location London (Crystal Palace) and clients house
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Classes for One-off lesson/Course of lessons
Levels I teach beginner to advanced students. Students are able to choose privately as well.
Class size 4-5 people
Prices Workshop from £25, class form £55
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About Yuki: Raised in a traditional Japanese family with a mother who was a fanatical cook, the virtues of well-prepared food were instilled at an early age. Growing up close to Mount Fuji, Yuki and her family were blessed with fresh air and homegrown organic vegetables for every meal.

“My mission is to bring Japanese Cooking to your table; to show you that it’s really simple to make, one of the healthiest ways to eat and can be easily incorporated into your daily life.”

Experience: Having moved to the USA to study classical music, Yuki’s passion for food soon got the better of her and she went on to study for an Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts with the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. Yuki’s first professional appointment was in Chicago’s “Soul Kitchen” where she helped develop their Asian and fusion dishes before returning to Japan, where she consulted for the “Rock” restaurant and microbrewery with their menu planning. Once back in Japan Yuki was also keen to develop her knowledge of traditional Japanese cooking, augmenting the skills she had learned on her Le Cordon Bleu course.

“Revisiting traditional Japanese cuisine after my European training allowed me to experience my own heritage in a new light. I was trained by master noodle chef Sekizawa with whom I learned special Soba and Udon noodle skills. After I moved to England, I worked for an authentic Japanese restaurant in central London. I developed new recipes and created a new menu for both the restaurant and sushi delicatessen and whilst working there, was struck by the increasing popularity of Japanese food. The clientele was largely Japanese but more and more Europeans and Americans seemed to be enjoying the food. People queued up to buy take-away meals for their lunches and parties. I started to hear them say “I wish I could make this at home” or they asked me “Do you know anyone who can teach me how to make this?” and this inspired me to change from selling Japanese food to teaching the skills of making Japanese food. I now regularly teach Japanese home cooking classes in my kitchen and also in the student’s home. I also provide catering for dinner parties, corporate events and for larger events. I can plan and manage everything from start to finish. A “Tasting Party” is a wonderful opportunity to experience the wonderful world of Japanese cooking. I do charity work, events and private functions in the UK and France and organise a lot of different workshops in my Kitchen!”

Sushi Queen

Group Master Sushi class
Group Let’s roll sushi class
Teppanyaki class
Master Sashimi class
Japanese cooking class

Location At the client’s home or at 25 Rathbone Place W1T 1JB
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Classes for One-off lesson/Course of lessons
Levels Beginners
Class size 1-12
Prices Starting from £75
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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

About Sushi Queen: Keiko, aka Sushi Queen, has a passion for food, loving to create, cook and eat it! She also loves to teach and share her knowledge on how to cook delicious, healthy Japanese food using traditional techniques.

“I’ve been working as a chef for over fifteen years and I love cooking and trying different kinds of food from all over the world. I’ve studied Fine Art here in the UK and now I see cooking as art. Food really is amazing! It offers a lot such as taste, colour, nutrition and much more.

I am fascinated with what food can do to optimize our health too. I am continuing to advance my experience and skills in order to enhance my career as a Japanese chef. I can offer my clients knowledge of ongoing trends in sushi and Japanese cuisine as well as substantial knowledge of Umami, and the beautiful, delicious drink that is sake, having been certified as a Sake Sommelier.

I love teaching and can show how to make delicious sushi in a simple way, using the skills that I have gained from my experience in various Japanese restaurants. All my students have enjoyed the sushi lessons and have a lot of confidence, gaining much knowledge in learning the basic and essential skills in preparing sushi and Japanese cuisine. Happy sushi making and Japanese cooking!”

Experience: Keiko has worked in prestigious restaurants in the London area starting her career in Benihana, where she gained the skills of teppanyaki and Japanese cooking. Keiko has also worked in Matsuri restaurant, Eikokukaku, K10, and fine dining restaurants The Colony Club, Ozu County Hall, Aaya and Kingly Club Kyashii restaurant.

Shiki-An (詩季庵)

Kaiseki-based traditional Japanese cuisine (Omotenashi Ryori: おもてなし料理). Mainly using seasonal food, one class lasts about 3.5 hours (includes 5-6 dishes and recipe explanation).

Location Pimlico, Central London
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Classes for One-off lessons or 1-2 a month during weekends
Levels Various
Class size Minimum two people
Prices £40 a month/£30 for one-off class
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About Utako: A love of languages, food and wine, Utako learnt Chinese for five years, French for two and in 1999 extended her knowledge of wine, gaining three qualifications on the subject. “I have started to write my own recipe book and would love to start teaching wine and food classes in the future. I work in a bank during the week, but still have the passion to be a full-time recipe writer/cookery teacher”.

Utako’s love of food and cooking has lead her to apply for BBC’s Masterchef, and her love of baking to audition for the BBC TV series The Great British Bake off. “I am the whole package; personality, cooking skills, baking skills, food writing knowledge and passion for wine”.

Experience: Utako has been learning about traditional Japanese cookery for the past eighteen years, and started her own ‘Shiki-An’ (詩季庵) cookery in 2006. This year Utako completed a Food Writing Course at Leiths school of food and wine and is planning to publish her own recipe book in the future.

Feng Sushi’s Sushi School

Sushi-making class

Location Feng Sushi’s production kitchen in Notting Hill Gate, London.
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Classes for One-day course, lasting around four and a half hours.
Levels Beginner; bespoke sushi lesson to suit the customer’s needs
Class size 4-6 people
Prices £150 (includes Feng Sushi kit and cookbook)
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About Feng Sushi’s Sushi School: During this one day course Feng Sushi will help take the fear factor out of making sushi, giving you the confidence to use Japanese ingredients and cooking techniques at home. Learn how to prepare sushi rice (washing, cooking and mixing), make classic sushi like salmon and tuna nigiri as well as a variety of maki (rolls). You will also be taught about ingredients, what to buy and where and learn about suitable and sustainable fish. The course includes a sushi making kit to take home with you, a copy of the Feng Sushi cookbook and enough sushi to feed four hungry people. Seven schools run in the spring, and six in the autumn.

Experience: Set-up by Feng Sushi co-founder Silla Bjerrum, the sushi school has been teaching sushi skills for eight years.

After discovering her natural flair as a chef working in a Japanese eatery in London, Silla co-founded Feng Sushi in 1999. Silla was the first woman to be invited to the prestigious Seven Samurai Sushi Competition in 2008, (which she also judged from 2003-2005) and more recently took part in Eat-Japan’s UK Sushi Roll Championship at Hyper Japan 2011. The Feng Sushi menu reflects Silla’s passion for sustainability, with the restaurant’s quality ingredients being carefully selected from sustainable sources. Silla also teaches at The Seafood Training School in Billingsgate, a charity focused on promoting responsibly sourced seafood.

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