The warming goodness of miso gives this wholesome dish a real hearty kick. Perfect comfort food.
A rice-free take on one of the most relaxed sushi styles. Adaptable to all diets and tastes, this healthy dish is perfect for parties
Aromatic and crispy-Japan's handiest meal
Serve the tofu on a plate, and garnish with chopped chives
This deliciously simple, warming and healthy garlic sauce also works well with beef.
The light and simple taste of chicken goes great with this delicious sweet sake sauce.
This is the Japanese equivalent of risotto, and results in beautifully soft brown rice.
Tori-no-Karaage or torikara as it's also known, is one of the most popular snack dishes at an Izakaya (Japanese pub). It also makes a great addition to buffets or picnics.
Mix cute colours up with traditional Japanese flavours for a mountain of mini-treats.
This is an extremely popular way of serving salmon in Japan, basted with a soy sauce-based sweet sauce.
This is the simplest way to enjoy the taste of buckwheat soba noodles, and is ideal for hot weather.
This recipe offers a deliciously different way to serve tofu, with a satisfying texture and flavour.
Although tempura is sometimes served sprinkled with salt, this is the classic accompaniment to a classic Japanese dish.
This most quinessential of Japanese dishes seals the flavour of a variety of ingredients within a coating of light, crispy batter.
This is a very relaxed way of enjoying sushi and a great idea for a party, with everyone helping themselves to rice and toppings and having a go at making their own.
Somewhat similar to chirashizushi, barazushi offers a pleasing variety of delicious taste sensations.
This method of preparation accentuates the flavour of the mackerel, and is ideal served on a bowl of steamed white rice.
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