Main Ingredient(s)
Rice & Noodles
A rice-free take on one of the most relaxed sushi styles. Adaptable to all diets and tastes, this healthy dish is perfect for parties
Aromatic and crispy-Japan's handiest meal
Easy to cook with English Worcester sauce.
This is the Japanese equivalent of risotto, and results in beautifully soft brown rice.
This is the simplest way to enjoy the taste of buckwheat soba noodles, and is ideal for hot weather.
This is a very relaxed way of enjoying sushi and a great idea for a party, with everyone helping themselves to rice and toppings and having a go at making their own.
Somewhat similar to chirashizushi, barazushi offers a pleasing variety of delicious taste sensations.
Popular in Western Japan, this traditional form of sushi sees sushi rice and other ingredients pressed into a box mould.
The donburi is such a popular dish in Japan that there are restaurants devoted to it. This is one of the most common varieties.
The requirements for making California roll are the same as those for makizushi, with the addition of a sheet of cling film, which is necessary to achieve the inside out effect.
This dish has the perfect balance of sweet prawns, crispy fish and the tang of the sea in the wakame. The addition of tomato and lemon oil makes it light and refreshing.
There are many types of okowa in Japan, such as red beans (sekihan) and chestnut okowa, mountain vegetables (sansai) okowa, but you can also make okowa with a variety of ingredients. This recipe is a seasonal okowa with a variety of wild mushrooms and gingko nuts.
This smooth version of bean paste, made with the skins removed, is perfect for making Japanese style cakes and desserts or just pouring over ice-cream. For a version using the whole bean, see tsubuan.
A simple yet delicious variation on an Italian classic. A great way to try out unfamiliar Japanese mushrooms.
This classic dish is a real delight, simple, warming, packed with the goodness of buckwheat.
These sweet little pancake-y treats are fun to make and perfect for a summer party.
Green is the new red when it comes to cupcakes ? try this delicious combination of traditional Japanese flavours.
Japanese noodles are starting to catch up with sushi as the UK's favourite Japanese meal. Find out why with this healthy salad.

Sardines are a great cupboard staple, and when combined with soy sauce instantly become a flavour of Japan

The onigiri is Japan’s handiest meal, like our sandwich. And this is toasted version!

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