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Grilled Dishes
Stimulates the appetite with the gentle heat of its nanbanzuke marinade.
A firm favourite in bars and on barbeques. Simple, delicious and great with a cold beer.
Genghis Khan, as well as being a barbaric historical figure, is also the name of a delicious lamb dish, supposedly based on Mongolian barbeque - head up to the north island, Hokkaido, to enjoy it at its best or, more realistically, recreate it as kebabs on your own barbeque.
This method is suitable for most types of white fish, with the miso imparting a rich, savoury flavour.
This dish has the perfect balance of sweet prawns, crispy fish and the tang of the sea in the wakame. The addition of tomato and lemon oil makes it light and refreshing.
The undisputed king of Japanese condiments, soy sauce brings an umami punch and complex depth to any dish.
Spice up your lunch life with this easy-to-use, easy-to-get-addicted to wasabi sauce. Be careful - it's hotter than you think!
Perfect for the barbeque, this gently spiced marinade goes as well with lamb as it does with aubergine.
A deliciously simple way to serve sardines. Great for a starter.
This simple and flavoursome dish is an ideal choice for a quick midweek meal. Serve with rice and miso soup.
A Japanese version of good old beans on toast. Maybe.

These are ideal for anyone on a diet, as tofu is so low in calories.

This is a home-cooked favourite that's simple and warming, perfect for a mid-week meal.
Comfort food, J-style. Whip up a portion when you're after a filling lunch or dinner!
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