Japanese Condiments
Rice Vinegar & Citrus Vinegar
Cute, colourful and simple, these two delightful versions of sushi will charm any guest at a party.
Chilled Chinese Egg Noodles are a quick, refreshing option – vary the toppings to cater for vegetarian and other diets.
Stimulates the appetite with the gentle heat of its nanbanzuke marinade.
This makes a sweet tasting vinegar sauce that aids the digestion and cleanses the palate. It should be used with vegetables and salads; it's not recommended for meat or fish. It's particularly well suited to root vegetables such as ginger, lotus root and daikon radish.
Sushi's not just raw fish on rice cas these delicate little parcels prove. Admittedly, they're a little bit fiddly - but well worth the effort!
Using dashi doesn't always have to mean a soup-based dish, as this thick rolled sushi shows. Experiment with your own fillings to create colourful, flavoursome, healthy finger food.
An easy and refreshing alternative to traditional nibbles. Prepare this delicately tangy snack a few days in advance.
A rice-free take on one of the most relaxed sushi styles. Adaptable to all diets and tastes, this healthy dish is perfect for parties
Umeboshi have a sharp sometimes tart taste and are often rather salty. They are exceedingly good for cleansing the palate and stimulating the appetite.
Bainiku literaly means 'meat of plum'. This sour and salty sauce is made from pickled plum (umeboshi), one of the most popular pickles in Japan.
Boost digestion and veggie intake all at once with some delicious crunchy pickles, and master a versatile low-fat dressing.
Japanese noodles are starting to catch up with sushi as the UK's favourite Japanese meal. Find out why with this healthy salad.
Perfect for the barbeque, this gently spiced marinade goes as well with lamb as it does with aubergine.
A deliciously simple way to serve sardines. Great for a starter.
A beautifully simple way to enjoy the distinctive texture and flavour of squid.

This crispy deep-fried cod warm salad has the perfect combination of flavour and texture. Also the refreshing soy sauce dressing adds brightness to the dish.

Winner of the 2007 Original Sushi Competition. Recipe by Trevor Blythe of the White Fox Restaurant in Tokyo.

Adults' Finalist sushi by Cara Satmoko, from the Original Sushi Competition 2003.

Children's Bronze Winner sushi by Kaori Date, from the Original Sushi Competition 2003.

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