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Tofu is a staple of Japanese cuisine, eaten by millions every day. It’s a powerhouse of protein and essential nutrients, all in one simple ingredient. This stir-fry is an easy way to cook tofu at home, and a great way to get started if you’ve never tried making tofu dishes before. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll discover that tofu is one of the most versatile ingredients around. Whatever you’re making, there will be a tofu type to fit. But whatever the firmness, one thing won’t change: the great nutritional benefits of tofu.

A typical comfort food, with every family in Japan having their own recipe.
This subtle and elegant dish showcases the delicate flavour of a much-loved Japanese staple, tofu.
Cooked tofu can have a meaty texture, and its mild taste allows the other flavours in the dish to shine. These plump, juicy burgers are a healthy, protein-rich alternative to traditional ingredients.
This simple yet satisfying dish packs a powerful umami punch, whilst the spring onions and ginger combine to create a light, refreshing taste.
Make the most of seasonal winter leeks with this quick and easy warming dish. You can always try alternative vegetables too.
Serve the tofu on a plate, and garnish with chopped chives
Mix cute colours up with traditional Japanese flavours for a mountain of mini-treats.
This recipe offers a deliciously different way to serve tofu, with a satisfying texture and flavour.
This recipe offers a deliciously different way to serve tofu, with a satisfying texture and flavour.
Although it is a traditional Japanese ingredient, this recipe shows that tofu can be successfully served with Western ingredients.
This traditional clear soup is packed with healthy ingredients, such as root vegetables and tofu. This variation is made with vegan dashi stock as is only appropriate for Buddhist temple food.
Tofu is a great way to get healthy protein into your diet. This is a super quick way to get started ? then the world is your soybean!
A simple yet sensational way to serve tofu, with lots of natural umami from the YAMASA Soy Sauce.
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