Japanese Ingredients
Nori (Seaweed)
A quick and delicious take on an Italian favourite, enhanced with subtle Japanese flavours.A quick and delicious take on an Italian favourite, enhanced with subtle Japanese flavours.
A traditional Japanese party dish made with a very healthy combination of ingredients.

When making nigirizushi, it is imperative to have all the necessary ingredients to hand before you begin. If you are right handed, the sushi rice should be in a bowl on your right. Besides the toppings, you should also have wasabi to hand, and a bowl of tezu, or vinegared water for dipping hands.

Tezu is essential, because without it, the rice will stick to your hands. Ordinary water will not do either, because this will wash the sushi vinegar off the rice, and affect taste and consistency.

This kind of sushi is somewhat similar to nigirizushi, in that a ball of rice is shaped by hand, and other ingredients placed on top. The difference is that a strip or nori is wrapped around the sushi, to form a wall that prevents the toppings, which are typically various fish roe, from falling off.
Like nigirizushi, makizushi requires practice to achieve optimum results. You should have all the necessary ingredients, fillings and utensils to hand before you begin. You will need a makisu or bamboo sushi-rolling mat. Here we demonstrate futomaki, or thick rolls, but the process is almost identical for hosomaki, or thin rolls, except that the quantities and fillings differ.
A quick and delicious way to use up leftover rice and grilled fish. Perfect for a light summer supper.
This simple, healthy dish can be whipped up for one or for many, in almost no time at all. Tarako is salted cod fish roe - the main ingredient in taramasalata. If you have trouble finding the roe, try substituting some of this popular dish.
Using dashi doesn't always have to mean a soup-based dish, as this thick rolled sushi shows. Experiment with your own fillings to create colourful, flavoursome, healthy finger food.
Aromatic and crispy-Japan's handiest meal
This is the simplest way to enjoy the taste of buckwheat soba noodles, and is ideal for hot weather.
Somewhat similar to chirashizushi, barazushi offers a pleasing variety of delicious taste sensations.
The donburi is such a popular dish in Japan that there are restaurants devoted to it. This is one of the most common varieties.
The requirements for making California roll are the same as those for makizushi, with the addition of a sheet of cling film, which is necessary to achieve the inside out effect.
In Ireland there is a long tradition of adding seaweed to bread. This one is made using sushi nori sheets, which gives it a delicious distinctive flavour. You can serve it warm or cold generously spread with butter. It also goes well with fish, ham, cheese and avocado.
A Japanese version of good old beans on toast. Maybe.

Sardines are a great cupboard staple, and when combined with soy sauce instantly become a flavour of Japan

Japan meets the UK in this delicious fried sarnie.

The onigiri is Japan’s handiest meal, like our sandwich. And this is toasted version!

Add a hint of warming miso to classic Japanese rice balls.

The nori used in this dish is a great low-calorie food full of healthy minerals.
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