Japanese Ingredients
Umeboshi (Pickled Apricots)
Aromatic and crispy-Japan's handiest meal
Umeboshi have a sharp sometimes tart taste and are often rather salty. They are exceedingly good for cleansing the palate and stimulating the appetite.
Bainiku literaly means 'meat of plum'. This sour and salty sauce is made from pickled plum (umeboshi), one of the most popular pickles in Japan.
This is a very relaxed way of enjoying sushi and a great idea for a party, with everyone helping themselves to rice and toppings and having a go at making their own.

Add a hint of warming miso to classic Japanese rice balls.

Children's Bronze Winner sushi by Kaori Date, from the Original Sushi Competition 2003.

Japan's ultimate grab-and-go meal.
Super simple sushi with no fussy cutting or slicing.
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