Japanese Ingredients
Curry Roux

Japanese curry is a popular dish both at home and in casual dining establishments. Try with pork katsu for a delicious flavour combination. Beef can be substituted for chicken or pork, or removed entirely for a vegetarian version. There's lots of different ways to make curry rice, so check the curry mix pack, add you favourite vegetables, and experiment.

After being introduced from India via Europe, curry has become one of Japan’s most beloved dishes. The invention of curry roux took the hassle out of making a tempting curry, and Japan took this one step further, in 1950, with the development of curry roux cubes. These easy-to-use cubes employ the same principal as chocolate: they contain fat to stay solidified at room temperature. They consist of curry powder, flour, and seasoning, and can quickly transform a mundane stew into a fine curry. This ease of use contributed greatly to the expansion of Japan’s curry culture, of which S&B led the way with Golden Curry Sauce Mix, which imparts a rich aroma of spices and herbs and is made with S&B original curry powder.

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