Japanese Ingredients
Panko (Breadcrumbs)

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Pork cutlets, or tonkatsu, have been a popular choice in Japan since they arrived in the late 19th century. Today they’re loved in UK, too, especially when served as katsu curry, with a big plate of Japanese curry and rice. This cheesy version is fried in rice bran oil, a super-healthy alternative to other oils that leaves food crisp, delicious and with no lingering oily taste. The lightness of rice bran oil, which contains a balance of essential fats, helps turn a fried meal into a healthy choice; it can also help to bump up levels of good cholesterol.

Rich in B vitamins, which alleviate tiredness by helping the body to convert food into energy.
Cooked tofu can have a meaty texture, and its mild taste allows the other flavours in the dish to shine. These plump, juicy burgers are a healthy, protein-rich alternative to traditional ingredients.
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