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Yukari Elliott

Stir-fry the soft leaves of the pointed cabbage in butter for a rich flavour, given depth and aroma with a splash of soy sauce. The combination of butter and soy sauce is very popular in Japan. It works particularly well with the simple taste of cabbage, creating a very moreish dish!

This is a really healthy way to cook chicken, using only the fat found naturally inside the chicken thighs. Teriyaki sauce goes wonderfully well with grilled chicken that's lovely and juicy on the inside, with crispy skin on the outside. This recipe adds a new twist, combining the mildness of mayonnaise with the warm spice of freshly ground black pepper. Think of it as a grown-up way to spice up the sweetness of your everyday teriyaki chicken.

It's party season, so here's a way to turn your cocktail sausages Japanese for something a little bit different. It reminds me of the taste of kushiyaki restaurants in Japan. Make your Christmas party snacks that little bit special with the piquant taste of wasabi and the sweet tang of spring onion.

Poached salmon is a British classic, but this recipe gives it a Japanese twist with the addition of wasabi mayonnaise. The fresh aroma of wasabi works really well with the salmon, delicate and tender from the poaching. Drizzled with creamy sauce, this is the perfect starter for a dinner party.

Whip up a delicious stir-fry in minutes with this simple recipe that combines traditional British ingredients with Japanese flavours.
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