European Fusion
A quick and delicious take on an Italian favourite, enhanced with subtle Japanese flavours.A quick and delicious take on an Italian favourite, enhanced with subtle Japanese flavours.
A quick and simple way to enjoy these thick, filling noodles. Experiment by adding toppings until you create your perfect combination.
A fabulously fresh shochu-based cocktail, ideal for chic afternoon garden parties and balmy summer evenings.
This simple, healthy dish can be whipped up for one or for many, in almost no time at all. Tarako is salted cod fish roe - the main ingredient in taramasalata. If you have trouble finding the roe, try substituting some of this popular dish.
An ideal way to enjoy the delicate sweetness of miso! Enrich your baking with white miso's rich nutritional benefits.
This recipe shows that you can make delicious sushi using Western ingredients. Why not experiment using your own favourite ingredients?
This recipe offers a deliciously different way to serve tofu, with a satisfying texture and flavour.
Although it is a traditional Japanese ingredient, this recipe shows that tofu can be successfully served with Western ingredients.
Oden is a traditional Japanese dish, eaten in the colder months, where ingredients are simmered in stock until tender. This version merges the Japanese dish with the classic French pot-au-feu stew.
In Ireland there is a long tradition of adding seaweed to bread. This one is made using sushi nori sheets, which gives it a delicious distinctive flavour. You can serve it warm or cold generously spread with butter. It also goes well with fish, ham, cheese and avocado.
This dish has the perfect balance of sweet prawns, crispy fish and the tang of the sea in the wakame. The addition of tomato and lemon oil makes it light and refreshing.
The dulse really is the crowning glory of this rich, nutty and aromatic soup. It adds a delicious chewy texture and a lot of extra depth to the dish.
Spice up your lunch life with this easy-to-use, easy-to-get-addicted to wasabi sauce. Be careful - it's hotter than you think!
Tofu is a great way to get healthy protein into your diet. This is a super quick way to get started ? then the world is your soybean!
A Japanese version of good old beans on toast. Maybe.

Sardines are a great cupboard staple, and when combined with soy sauce instantly become a flavour of Japan

This is the perfect way to use up any leftover pickled ginger, or gari, from a sushi party.

These are ideal for anyone on a diet, as tofu is so low in calories.

The nori used in this dish is a great low-calorie food full of healthy minerals.

Ginger pork (pan-fried pork with ginger sauce)” is Japan’s national favourite home cooking dish. This recipe is slightly different from the traditional 'ginger pork' recipe. But I think I prefer this version more. Apple adds a fruity flavour to the ginger sauce and makes the pork tender.

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