Side Dishes
A fragrantly simple way to enjoy autumn aubergines with a hint of heat from the chilli.
A typical comfort food, with every family in Japan having their own recipe.
This subtle and elegant dish showcases the delicate flavour of a much-loved Japanese staple, tofu.
A firm favourite in bars and on barbeques. Simple, delicious and great with a cold beer.
An easy and refreshing alternative to traditional nibbles. Prepare this delicately tangy snack a few days in advance.
Bainiku literaly means 'meat of plum'. This sour and salty sauce is made from pickled plum (umeboshi), one of the most popular pickles in Japan.
A variation on the conventional Japanese omelette.
There are many types of okowa in Japan, such as red beans (sekihan) and chestnut okowa, mountain vegetables (sansai) okowa, but you can also make okowa with a variety of ingredients. This recipe is a seasonal okowa with a variety of wild mushrooms and gingko nuts.
This simple yet deeply flavoursome dish is a staple of Buddhist vegetarian cooking. Dip in different sauces for some delicious variety.
Boost digestion and veggie intake all at once with some delicious crunchy pickles, and master a versatile low-fat dressing.
This is a classic side dish, simple yet umami-rich. Spinach, packed with minerals, iron and fibre, is a great addition to any diet, too.
Both spinach and sesame are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Add this to your menu for a health-boosting dish that tastes great, too.
Why not try the ‘national British dish’ of chips with a traditional Japanese twist?

The onigiri is Japan’s handiest meal, like our sandwich. And this is toasted version!

This simple sesame sauce can be used with other steamed or boiled beans, too.

Low-calorie and healthy, this is a great way to get cooking with konnyaku.
A beautifully simple way to enjoy the distinctive texture and flavour of squid.
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