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Simmered Dishes
This soup may look delicate, but the dashi ensures that it provides a distinctly satisfying flavour.
This basic recipe is a classic method for preparing a 'simmered' fish dish
This simple yet satisfying dish packs a powerful umami punch, whilst the spring onions and ginger combine to create a light, refreshing taste.
Delicate bamboo shoots and fresh mange tout add crunch to this warming dish, with its delicious combination of melt-in-the-mouth pork and hearty miso.
Make the most of seasonal winter leeks with this quick and easy warming dish. You can always try alternative vegetables too.
The warming goodness of miso gives this wholesome dish a real hearty kick. Perfect comfort food.
The light and simple taste of chicken goes great with this delicious sweet sake sauce.
This recipe offers a deliciously different way to serve tofu, with a satisfying texture and flavour.
Oden is a traditional Japanese dish, eaten in the colder months, where ingredients are simmered in stock until tender. This version merges the Japanese dish with the classic French pot-au-feu stew.
The dulse really is the crowning glory of this rich, nutty and aromatic soup. It adds a delicious chewy texture and a lot of extra depth to the dish.
This traditional clear soup is packed with healthy ingredients, such as root vegetables and tofu. This variation is made with vegan dashi stock as is only appropriate for Buddhist temple food.
This version of bean paste, also known as ogura-an, uses the whole bean, skin and all, to make this deliciously sticky and sweet jam-like paste, great for desserts and cakes. For a skinless version, see koshian.
This smooth version of bean paste, made with the skins removed, is perfect for making Japanese style cakes and desserts or just pouring over ice-cream. For a version using the whole bean, see tsubuan.
This classic dish is a real delight, simple, warming, packed with the goodness of buckwheat.
These sweet little pancake-y treats are fun to make and perfect for a summer party.
Green is the new red when it comes to cupcakes ? try this delicious combination of traditional Japanese flavours.
Tofu is a great way to get healthy protein into your diet. This is a super quick way to get started ? then the world is your soybean!
This simple yet delicious dish is great for the colder months as a comforting mid-week meal. It's also perfect to make in bulk and freeze.
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