Asian Fusion
This elegant starter combines the sharp heat of wasabi and cayenne pepper with the creaminess of avocado and mayonnaise.
Chilled Chinese Egg Noodles are a quick, refreshing option – vary the toppings to cater for vegetarian and other diets.
Easy to cook with English Worcester sauce.
Genghis Khan, as well as being a barbaric historical figure, is also the name of a delicious lamb dish, supposedly based on Mongolian barbeque - head up to the north island, Hokkaido, to enjoy it at its best or, more realistically, recreate it as kebabs on your own barbeque.
This traditional Japanese dessert would make the perfect way to round off any meal.
Japanese noodles are starting to catch up with sushi as the UK's favourite Japanese meal. Find out why with this healthy salad.
Perfect for the barbeque, this gently spiced marinade goes as well with lamb as it does with aubergine.
Mix cute colours up with traditional Japanese flavours for a mountain of mini-treats.
A beautifully fruity and fluffy shochu cocktail.
Why not try the ‘national British dish’ of chips with a traditional Japanese twist?
Japan meets the UK in this delicious fried sarnie.

The onigiri is Japan’s handiest meal, like our sandwich. And this is toasted version!

A less than 100 kcal desert!

This crispy deep-fried cod warm salad has the perfect combination of flavour and texture. Also the refreshing soy sauce dressing adds brightness to the dish.

Ginger pork (pan-fried pork with ginger sauce)” is Japan’s national favourite home cooking dish. This recipe is slightly different from the traditional 'ginger pork' recipe. But I think I prefer this version more. Apple adds a fruity flavour to the ginger sauce and makes the pork tender.

Miso and yoghurt... You might think it's a little bit of a strange combination. But this marinade makes the cod fillets tender and really delicious!

This is a chilled pasta with very rich and creamy wasabi-hinted avocado sauce. If you enjoy a little kick of wasabi, then this appetizer is for you.

This is a really healthy way to cook chicken, using only the fat found naturally inside the chicken thighs. Teriyaki sauce goes wonderfully well with grilled chicken that's lovely and juicy on the inside, with crispy skin on the outside. This recipe adds a new twist, combining the mildness of mayonnaise with the warm spice of freshly ground black pepper. Think of it as a grown-up way to spice up the sweetness of your everyday teriyaki chicken.

Winner of the 2004 Original Sushi Competition. Recipe by Kayleigh Mort.

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