Eat-Japan SUSHI Awards

Sushi Awards

The Eat-Japan Sushi Awards 2015 will be a hotly contested battle to see which sushi chef will win the coveted title of “Sushi of the Year”! This extraordinary event will see master sushi chefs from some of the UK’s top-ranked sushi houses gather once again in London to create dazzling displays of delectable art and stake reputations on original masterpieces, each created especially for the Awards.

A twist on the traditionally-judged event system, the winner of the “Sushi of the Year” title will be decided not by a panel of culinary heavyweights but by Sushi Award visitors themselves! Thus you not only witness sushi created in front of your eyes, but taste each entry and vote for your favourite. Consider it London’s largest act of “foodemocracy”.

Sushi Awards 2015 at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015
Price: £15
Date: Sunday 29th November: 11.00-17.30
Venue: Tabacco Dock

Eat-Japan events will require a separate ticket to the standard HYPER JAPAN ticket, available as an add-on option when purchasing HYPER JAPAN tickets.

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