Chef's Cooking Tips

Japanese Secret Ingredient ‘Dashi’

Misa Watanabe's Tips

Find out all about dashi: the 'secret ingredient' of Japanese cuisine and one of the most important and commonly used elements of the authentic Japanese taste.


Perfect Teriyaki Chicken

Yukari Elliott's Tips

Learn how to make delicious teriyaki chicken every time: juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside, and healthy too.


Choosing the Right Tofu

Atsuko Ikeda's Tips

Many types of tofu are used in Japanese cooking, but which kind is best for which dish? Find out here.

Using Wasabi Sauce

Atsuko Ikeda's Tips

Wasabi is best known for being served with sushi and sashimi, but it's also suited to lots of other dishes - Japanese and Western alike - too. 

Cooking with Miso

Atsuko Ikeda's Tips

Miso is a classic Japanese ingredient but it can also be used in non-Japanese food to delicious effect. Discover the versatility of miso here. 
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