Cooking with Miso

Atsuko Ikeda's Tips

Miso is a classic Japanese ingredient but it can also be used in non-Japanese food to delicious effect. Discover the versatility of miso here.  See Split Pea Soup with Clearspring Miso

Like soy sauce, miso is sodium-rich. Naturally fermented miso, like those in the Clearspring
range, has a beautiful, natural depth of flavour and therefore contain less salt than mass-produced, cheaper types. As a general guide, use 1 tbsp of miso for every 200 ml of liquid, but this can be varied according to variety and taste. For darker miso such as Clearspring Brown Rice Miso, which is rich and aromatic and is great for stir-frying and grilling, you can use slightly less than a tbsp. Mix a little mirin into brown rice miso, add some garlic paste or the juice of some grated ginger to make a delicious paste for stir-fries and grilled meat or vegetables.

For more information: Clearspring Brown Rice Miso

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